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ABFI response to Alcohol Bill

09/12/2015 - Government’s Alcohol Bill is a missed opportunity to tackle misuse ABFI: “Proposals will not address misuse and could put jobs at risk” Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland (ABFI) today responded to the publication of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bil

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IWA wine market report 2014


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The grape depression: Tax take on a standard bottle of wine is now over 50%

31/08/2015 - Irish wine market annual report calls for excise cut Total excise payable to revenue is now €14,640 higher per 1000 cases than 2012 Excise stunts cash flow and prevent SME's from investing in their business - SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL The Irish Wine Associatio

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Jobs brewing as new report shows that employment in Irish beer industry is up 8%

06/08/2015 - Irish Brewers Association release ‘Irish beer 2014’ report ahead of International beer day tomorrow beer exports worth €228 million IBA call for cut in excise tax – third highest in EU The Irish Brewers Association (IBA), the representative voice for

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2010 Annual Review

05/04/2011 - Click on the attached file for the 2010 ABFI Annual Review

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2009 Annual Review

30/04/2010 - Click on the attached file for ABFI 2009 Annual Review.

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ABFI - Keeping the facts in focus

05/11/2008 - With a membership that includes all sectors of the drinks industry in Ireland, ABFI is committed to promoting the many positive contributions our industry makes to the Irish Exchequer, balance of trade and society as a whole.

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