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No Deal’ Brexit would be disastrous for Irish Drinks Industry – new ABFI position paper


• A No Deal would see immediate tariffs on barley, malt, glass bottles, apples, finished cider • Hard border would lead to delays and disruption for 23,000 cross-border truck movements • Value of trade in drinks products between the UK and Ireland wor ...

Irish Wine Industry Toasts Growth As Wine Becomes Increasingly Popular Despite Overall Fall In Alcohol Consumption


Irish Wine Association launches annual ‘Wine Market Report’: ∑ Wine distributors in Ireland employ over 1,100 people ∑ Wine is second most popular drink after beer and sales are increasing ∑ White wine is the most popular wine type in Ireland ∑ Rosť ...

New commitment by EU drinks producers to provide nutritional information and listing of ingredients


Irish drinks producers warn that labelling proposals in Alcohol Bill will put Ireland out of line with rest of EU Ireland to become only country in world to require mandatory cancer warning label which could become ‘barrier to free trade’ A new EU wide ...